by greg beaver-seitz by frank williams
by josh vancil by jeremy noels
by graham seidman
by bill dentler
welcome to the latest, much-delayed, release of everyday beat: 'you can feel my heart beat.' while i'm still working on integrating the other aspects of the site like the bulletin boards and the bookstore, the sampling of writing and photography here is enough to spend some time reading. hope the holiday season is a good one for everybody and please send in your submissions for the next release, hopefully to be put up in late january 2002.

-greg beaver-seitz
dec 21, 2001

[] well, it sure ain't late january 2002, but the next release is coming along -- i've got my submissions (btw- does no one write prose any more?) and have started designing it. look for it in about a week...    -GDB, 4/9/02

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