by greg beaver-seitz by frank williams
by josh vancil
by graham seidman
by bill dentler

i want to live
by jake davies

last evening i watched heaven fall from the sky and dance with the masses,
the envious morning swore and bled as it slashed it's wrists and killed your hope.
the virginal drops of the evening's first downpour wake me from a wondrous dream
as they flow through my veins in shafts of radiance, boldly attempting to stray from my heart.
and God bellows menacingly as rings of purity form around his fading smile, causing the Pope in
Rome to vomit furiously while still inspiring the genocide of faithless minds.
it's hard to think most nights, your thoughts awash in seas of meaningless conversations had
over coffee and cake with the moon.
finding tedium in your motions is not uncommon for a man of your age; perhaps you should buy
a new vehicle that you can drive upon roads whose lanes still lead you to inevitable discontent.
a foreboding tone the tattoo on your eyelid has taken; yet i still taste the pleasantry in your
glare, the absconding contortion hidden behind a most voluptous smile.
i take a syringe filled with your dreams and inject it into the base of a dead man's foot.
suprisingly, he stays motionless. suprisingly, you smile vacantly.
unsurprisingly, i resent you both.
its cold here under this bridge that links anonymity to optimism

very cold

i find no pleasure in water, it simply is used as a device to quench the thirst in my throat
that you placed there, long ago.
so i drink the wine of christ, i taste the passion of martyrs
i dont want to exist

i want to live

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