by greg beaver-seitz
by josh vancil by jake davies
by graham seidman
by bill dentler

where my book went
by frank williams

I flew to the Golden City
Rumbling to rip me
Off and teach a lesson laughing--

I walked into hopeless cardboard
Hell toothless, homeless stink and all,
Grimy cracked genius

I danced in the park I dreamed
Long ago, and ladybug prophets,
Aries and Scorpio, turned
The misty trees upside down--

I discovered a mad party planned
Four years from this day,
Add four more and the light
Shines through the black hole--

I met bizarro-world spirits
Needing blankets who proved
Our joys are shared and true,
Beatitudes of rhythm's own rhyme--

I listened to the lady with one shoe
Reveal filthy and cackling
That unhinged love often
Leads to the hate--

I paid some dues, almost got shot,
Watched children play Follow the Leader, Was given a seat at the table,
and totally lost my mind.

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