'you can feel my heart beat'
the basic con, by lew welch
by willum dee
by carlos guardiola
by jack cannon by modest pleasure's author
removed by request
by greg beaver-seitz
by bill dentler

everyday beat is devoted to publishing the works of any one who gathers inspiration from the works of the vast artistic themes of the beat generation movement. any essays, poetry, prose, photography, any sort of visual artwork are all fair game. i'd like to get discussion group and other community-focused features online at some point and would certainly appreciate any programmer/designers who might wish to volunteer.

6/27/02 -
• site no longer wack. first time i've ever met a self-imposed deadline.
• also.. this june issue will stretch thru mid-july. send submissions ASAP.
4/26/02 -
• 'sun shinin' like burnin' coal', new release, posted...

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