'you can feel my heart beat'
the basic con, by lew welch
by willum dee
by carlos guardiola
by jack cannon by jan oskar hansen
removed by request
by greg beaver-seitz
by bill dentler

( no name )
part of a random medium

by willum dee

    Jake was at the wheel he claimed to be taking us somewhere special. He said he couldn’t quite explain. So far it had been a long and aimless drive, although I’m not one to complain. If he didn’t know any better he’d be sure he was lost, driving though an abyssal valley. I noticed, the other passengers had laid little attention upon the foreign zagadka through the glass. They were all half asleep, but slowly waking to the squeak and squawk of windshield wipers.

     Dust in th e wake of the black Cadillac stirred like bitches brew in the scarlet shine of our tail lights. Biol, biol, toil and all that jazz. Like a thirsty black sea sponge enveloping the car, the high beams were devoured by the masking mists. There was a communal feeling of isolation, which was made bearable only by equivalent wonderment. The darkness was enlivened by the mindless dance of a trillion fire flies. Luminous specs harmonized them selves with the fabric of the heavens like a dazzling bach fugue. The delicate horizon was shattered by the pressing weight of the water, fusing earth and sky. This felt like a new medium.

    Our lucid points of light swelled with the odometer. They now were becoming analogous of irredecant sea jellies. We all laughed. - an uneasy sense of vertigo- I thought I heard a clicking call of a lonely sperm whale. How colossal? I looked in the back seat and saw confusion, however I made no suggestions. Despite it’s monolithic size a coal black sperm whale could never be seen against the inky night scape. Such a beast could only be identified by th e silhouette imposed when eclipsing distant constellations. Points of light came in and out of focus. No shapes could be identified. -the clenching shock of agoraphobia induced by sharp turns and moonless nocturne - - tongues thicken and skin goes pale- Fast paced sinking sensations, endless space and red-shift makes minds peel palpitate and pass off. Some feel safer with their backs to the wall. But the boundary conditions, like mirage, when approached they all fall. What thought dare abound the ancient womb? Who could not be overcome by the rapturing serenity of the abyss?

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