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Autobiographical Novels

    Visions of Gerard (written 1956, published 1963)
      About Kerouac's saintly older brother, who died as a child.
    Doctor Sax (written 1952, published 1959)
      Fantasies of good vs. evil characters hiding behind trees and lurking around corners in Lowell. Interesting glimpse of Kerouac's childhood fantasy world and busy small-town life.
    Maggie Cassidy (written 1953, published 1959)
      Youthful porchlight romancing in Lowell.
    The Town and the City (written 1946-49, published 1950)
    Vanity of Duluoz (written and published 1968)
      Kerouac's last published novel, a memoir of early days.
    On The Road (written 1948-56, published 1957)
    Visions of Cody (written 1951-52, published 1972)
      More about Neal Cassady.
    The Subterraneans (written 1953, published 1958)
      Kerouac's pathetic love story about a black girl who dumps him for Gregory Corso.
    Tristessa (written 1955-56, published 1960)
      Junkie prostitute girlfriend in Mexico.
    The Dharma Bums (written 1957, published 1958)  
    Desolation Angels (written 1956-61, published 1965)
      Buddhist retreat in the Cascade Mountains.
    Big Sur (written 1961, published 1962)
    Satori in Paris (written 1965, published 1966)
      A trip to find Kerouac ancestors in Paris.
Other Novels
    Pic (written 1951/1969, posthumously published 1971)
      Adventures of a black child in the South.
Prose Collections
    Lonesome Traveler (published l960)
      Excerpts and unpublished writings with a travel theme.
    Mexico City Blues (published l959)  [  ] Pomes All Sizes
    Scattered Poems (published posthumously l971)
Buddhist Writings
    Wake Up, or Some Of The Dharma (written 1954-55, recently published in Tricycle, the Buddhist journal)
      A straightforward religous biography of Siddhartha Guatama, the Buddha.
    The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
      A freestyle sutra
Other Prose
    Book of Dreams (published l960)
      Transcriptions of dreams.
    Pull My Daisy (1961)
      Experimental film by Robert Frank, with narration by Kerouac.
    Poetry For The Beat Generation (1959)
      With Steve Allen on piano. Short poems.
    Blues and Haikus (1959)
      Featuring Al Cohn and Zoot Sims. Haikus and other things.
    Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation (1960)
      Unaccompanied. Poem fragments and prose readings.

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